Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Race to 8 mayor candidates in the June 1st #voteto mayor debate is over.

Two lesser-known mayoral hopefuls will get their shot at the Better Ballots debate June 1: Rocco Achampong and Keith Cole.

But is this enough? What about the other 16+ candidates? When will they have their say? Will the Media continue to focus on the top 6 or 8 or are they going to give some coverage to the candidates with some good or better platforms than the 6 in the spotlight today?

Only time will tell

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Ballots Mayoral Forum Poll ROUND TWO

Better Ballots Mayoral Forum Poll ĄĘROUND TWO
Sonny Yeung
Keith Cole
Kevin Clarke
George Babula
Rocco Achampong
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Vote in the Better Ballots poll

Pick 2 candidates to participate in the Mayoral Forum
Better Ballots will host a Mayoral Forum on June 1st.
Archampong, Rocco
Andrews, Dan
Babula, George
Barton, Andrew
Brereton, Wendell
Campbell, Douglas
Castillo, Jaime
Cidade, Mark
Clarke, Kevin
Cole, Keith
Firth, Selwyn
Ghazi, Baquie
Gomberg, Howard
Hossain, Monowar
Letonja, John
Magee, Colin
Papmena, Joseph
State, Mark
Sullivan, Tom
Wadhwa, Ratan
Yeung, Sonny
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reason why Poll was recreated

May 8th I have recreated the Poll and blogs from Jamesdsharp and I have updated  the following list of mayors, websites and twitter accounts and they now both appear here on Torontovote and reviewed the City of Toronto Official list of Mayors again a couple of weeks after Candidates Tom Sullivan's passing found on Toronto Star Blog and a few tweets about Kevin Clark and a new twitter account appeared. (How do you confirm an twitter account with only 6 followers?)  A Congratulations to Kevin Clarke for re-joining the race appeared while he still appeared on the list of withdrawn candidates.

Besides the current 26, there is also 1 spot for the Unknown or Yet to be announced candidate and selection for the Yet to  Decide vote as previous paid for polls have found 51% fall into this category.
The only difference between my poll and the one they catch you unprepared on the phone is you can come back later once you have made up your mind and change your vote.

I am still looking for 3 more blogs or websites mentioning quoting the Mayors platform (not from a previous year)  and something to replace the * articles / pages not written by the candidate. (even Wikipedia doesn't have a complete list of offical websites yet, but Wikipedia was not my primary source credits to Google and Kris Scheuer)

About Me

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Tweeter and now Blogger, interested in Toronto Transit improvements, Bicycling and following the Mayor Race in Toronto so I can make an informed vote instead of just picking the last name I heard in the mainstream Media I've decided to locate all the mayor platforms be it on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, or personal websites. I no longer satisfied with someones editorial slant based on a brief interview or second hand information. During the up coming months I will attempt with twitter follow and Re-Tweet their ideas/platforms and leave all their 4square updates, personal adventures, comments and bashing of other candidate out of my twitter stream